Monday, August 1, 2011


Guess what I found that I love to do and never did before...
Did you guess, kayaking? Good job if you did.
We rented a kayak for two and skimmed on top of the Bay. It was so fun. I did get a bit nervous when I realized there were real live animals (with real live teeth) that were swimming about near us.
Nate loved the fact that there were real live animals swimming near us and didn't seem bothered by the idea of their teeth in the least. The most fun to watch were the otters. They would laze about on top of kelp beds (lots of kelp beds, one of the reasons the otters love Monterey Bay) and then get up and play and frolic about. The stinkiest animals to see were the seals (or were they sea lions?) Thankfully we weren't too close to note the location of their ears which is how one would differentiate between the two (see I do know things, even if I don't read all the signs).
Above you will see a view of where we stayed. It was very Water-Front.
After kayaking about, we got cleaned up and hit the town. See, aren't we just darned cute? Have we really known each other for 17 years? We certainly don't look that old, well at least in this light, right (right??)
And while we were dining I discovered a new treat. See, prawns used to knock my socks off. They are still good, but I found more that scallops would swim about in my culinary dreams. And after this delight, a perfectly executed calamari steak floats right at the top. Here it is - the best meal of the trip - teeny, tiny micro greens on top of a mountain made of calamari steak, sea scallops, and prawns, on top of a bed of creamy risotto, flecked with capers, with sweet asparagus thrown in just to make things even better.
This is us after we are full. Full and happy.

Oh man, I love vacation.
(Think we need to find a new selves-portrait pose? We've perfected this one, I'd say.)


Wendy said...

I'm guessing that restaurant didn't have a kids menu. happy kidless vacay to you!!

Anonymous said...

You look like a natural in that kayak. And hte dinner...YUM!