Saturday, July 30, 2011

love on the rocks

With temps in the low 60s and scenery more than beautiful, we not only were tempted by the bike rental people on Cannery Row, we were sold - hook, line, and sinker. We headed into Pacific Grove, had lunch at a tiny, darling place, and then coasted on over to, well, to the coast!

We found an area where the bike trail led to a foot path, which led to some crazy tide pools. We thought after our visit to the Aquarium, and after our year living in San Diego, a mere tide pool would not hold any bait for us. Boy were we wrong. It was full of crabs and fish and sea things (things I would know what they were called, but I didn't read the signs at the Aquarium).
There were birds galore!
But the sight of this bike tour we seem to remember the most was when we quite obviously interrupted someone's secret rendezvous for two (yes, THAT kind of rendezvous). They (the two people interrupted) were rather put out.
But honestly, is two steps off a public foot path on the coast full of rocks and sand and aquatic creatures really where you would want to rendezvous? I think not. They should be thankful and consider taking their business elsewhere, such as a place with no public, no foot paths, no sand, no rocks, and potentially no aquatic creatures.


Sally Morrison said...

Very cute picture of you two! Jimmy would approve of your helmet safety.

Ollievie said...

wow . . . an eventful bike ride!