Thursday, July 21, 2011

13 is a great number

I've never had fresh flowers delivered to my swanky hotel room before! I certainly hope to again!
I've never stayed this close to the ocean before, I certainly plan to again!
Here is the sun peeking through the clouds during breakfast one morning. It was a chilly 55 degrees. Heaven for someone who just came from the Valley of the Sun.
Here is a quick shot of Nate and I at Monterey Bay. We have a similar shot taken 13 years ago during our Honeymoon.

I think this one is fabulous!


Wendy said...

happy day to you!! Marriage is pretty great. Here's to another 13, I mean more.

Anonymous said...

You both are pretty great! May the next years be even happier than the first 13 (and they were pretty great too!) Love you!

Kristin said...

YAY! Happy Anniversary! You look you should!

Emily S. said...

happy belated anniversary. Sounds like a marvelous trip!!