Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the aquarium

Nate loved our first visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium so of course we had to do it again on this visit. I enjoyed it more this time. We seem to have figured out how to make our very different museum paces work out over the years. I'm more of a walk-around-see-cool-things-read-about-only-the-coolest-looking-thing-find-the-gift-shop-then-go-out-to-lunch kind of museum visitor. Nate is more of a read-every-single-sign-plaque-pamphlet-ponder-what-you've-read-study-everything-you-see-ask-the-docents-insightful-questions-ponder-more-and-forget-one-has-to-eat-lunch kind of visitor. (Its nice we've had some time to work on this, don't you think?)
This time we got tix that would let us in for two consecutive days. This was great because I could pause and read many more signs and plaques than I used too and Nate could skim as many signs and plaques as possible, knowing that he could ponder and read and study even more the next day. This allowed us plenty of time for lunch.
During our first visit, we noticed most of the docents were retired from other professions and now volunteered at the aquarium. Nate decided that was what he'd like to do upon retirement. This was decided well before he even applied to medical school.
Considering the insightful questions he posed during this trip, I would say he's well on his way to living his retirement dreams.
Though if you ask him about it, he just might clam-up.

note -
The pictures were all taken when I wasn't reading plaques or signs. Had I been reading them, I could tell you the names of these amazing sea creatures. All I can tell you is that the first two are different kinds of jelly fish and I loved watching them dance around. I found them to be mesmerizing (this was good, because Nate took the opportunity to ponder). The next two pictures are of different sea horses. The sea horses are amazing. I had no idea about their variety and complexity. I loved the one that resembled a plant. The final picture is of my favorite kind of species, though he is not only a sea creature - he is a land dweller as well. And bipedal. Amazing ;)

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Ollievie said...

Sarah . . . you are one funny and insightful lady! Happy 13!