Tuesday, April 24, 2012

field trip

One day we went on a field trip. It was really more of an adventure. I convinced two other moms and their kids to go with us. We headed East towards the thriving metropolis of Superior, AZ (yes, we did feel quite superior when we arrived).

Rumor was that though this arboretum was well over an hour away, it was so much better than the Botanical Garden (of course not better than the Missouri Botanical Gardens - 'cause really, is there any garden superior to the BoTan? I think not).

This place was great. And we managed to only see 1/3 of it. It had birds galore (poor Nate, the ornithologist, he was sad to miss out.) We're going to have to take him back there with us (but we'll have to wait about 7 months until it is cool enough for me to handle). (Yes, it is now officially summer here). (Heaven help me).

Look, it even had some petrified wood. And a toad who looks remarkably like Jimmy.

There were also very informative maps (which helped us determine that we had in fact only seen 1/3 of it, and that we had best turn around and leave to find lunch before the younger crowd melted away from dire hunger) (turns out fruit snacks will only get some so far).

I would love to have this tree in my backyard.

But I'll take these instead.

All in all, a fun adventure. I'm so glad I found some friends out here that I can call and ask them to traverse to the unknown to check out an adventurous spot.

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Ollievie said...

Adventurous friends are a blessing indeed!

Wendy said...

I LOVED adventure friends!! And you are right, nothing will ever compare to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Nothing... Stay classy! I mean cool!