Wednesday, May 2, 2012

typical wednesday

The following will take place later today. Yes, these pictures were taken before today, but that does not matter in the least. These have all occurred several times during the months of March, April, and now in May.

We only have three games left.

And right after tonight's game, instead of ending up in the tub where he belongs, he'll end up at the 4th and 5th grade band concert.

Last night I realized a deeper understanding of the notion, "Calgon, take me away." That understanding will continue to deepen through the remainder of the school year (which incidentally is in a mere 3 weeks) (crazy, crazy, crazy).

To cap off this post, I will relate to you what occurred this morning at the bus stop.
1. The bus pulls up.
2. Jimmy reaches in his mouth.
3. The bus doors open.
4. Jimmy hands me a tooth.
5. Jimmy gets on the bus.
6. His front tooth remains with me.

I hope the Tooth Fairy remembers this happened tonight after homework wrangling, Tballing, and concert-listening!
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Sally Morrison said...

Set your phone alarm to remind the tooth fairy. Hope you have time to read this!

Ollievie said...

Love the lost tooth interaction. That's funny.