Sunday, May 6, 2012

it was the weekend

When it is Sunday night and one cannot even remember what one did on Friday night, one realizes
a. one has been drinking far too much
b. one has over-scheduled their weekend
c. one has not been drinking enough (water) and has attended far too many sporting events in the recent past

My answer is c. and b. Not a. But you probably guessed that.

Lacrosse is over (for now). Grace scored the first goal of the game on Saturday. She is loving the sport more and more with every practice and every game. In other sporting news, there is one TBall game remaining for this season.

What will we do with all our free time?

I really don't know, but I'm sure it'll fill it up quick!

Other highlights of the weekend:
1. Swimming party for the Primary children on Friday afternoon where the moms all agreed one planning a spa day this summer. These ladies don't mess around! They don't mean, "let's get together and make homemade facials and paint our nails," NO, what they mean is, "Fairmont or Montelucia? All day or half day?" Um, yes please!!!!!

2. Date night with my favorite guy
When we realized that we couldn't remember the last time we actually went out together without the children, we realized we were in trouble! Our favorite babysitter was available (it helps that her lacrosse season has recently ended as well), and we headed out to try a new-to-us Mediterranean restaurant. We at on the rooftop patio and had a view of Camelback Mountain. A fun Saturday night to be sure!

3. My Sunday nap
Sunday is the day of rest, y'know. The Sunday nap allows me to rest up and be ready for whatever this next week may bring, be it teaching art to the 4th grade, assisting in literacy centers in Kindergarten, watching a friends' kids for 5 hours one morning, possibly doing lit centers in Kindergarten yet another morning, and cheering at the final TBall game. Yes, I am ready, thanks to my Sunday nap (and the knowledge that next Sunday I can have another one!)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I need a nap after reading your post. Remember next Sunday is Mother's Day. So not only should you get a nap but you shouldn't have to do anything else!
Love you.

anorthowife said...

with all of that going on I think you deserve a nap on Wednesday too, just to pull you through.