Monday, December 17, 2012

the wilds of the backyard

I live with three budding zoologists, all of which specialize in ornithology. The three are very cute as they peer out the back window with their binoculars consulting the bird books. I like to watch from the kitchen, its safer there - because I know (just as well as you know) that the creatures in the yard (mammal and fowl) are clearly out to get me. It is because of this knowledge that I have fine-tuned my wildlife watching skills.

Who was the first to spot the mouse swimming in the pool?
Who found three Harris hawks on the roof line when she returned home one day (alone and unprotected)?
Who saw the coyote meandering the street?
Who spotted the bobcat slinking through the yard under the citrus tree?
Who ran inside when the Great Horned owl hooted and flew off the palm tree branch?

I'll give you one guess.

I'm still shaking inside. The rest of my crew is calmly and rationally making diagrams, consulting their books, and anxiously awaiting our next wild visitor.

I can only guess who will spot it first.

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