Friday, August 29, 2008

is your kid red or blue?

Conversation with Grace while driving home after school:
G: "Mom, hey, ummm oh what's that guy's name?"
M: "Which guy?"
G: "Y'know, the first black president of our country?"
M: "Do you mean the guy Barack Obama?"
G: "Yeah!!! That's the guy! Tell me all about him."
M: "Uh, okay. Who told you about him? How do you know about him?"
G: "My teacher told us about him! And if I learn more and can talk about him on Tuesday I can get some tokens!" (Tokens are part of the reward system of this particular classroom)
M: "Well, he is not the president of our country but he's running to be one. That means that in a couple of months when the grown-ups in our country vote they can choose between him and another guy, John McCain, to be the president."
G: "Oh, I know who I'd vote for (and now clenches her hands into fists and 'raises the roof' and chants):
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Obama!!!!!


emily said...

i can just picture it! What a riot!!

Ollievie said...

Yes Grace! Obama! Obama! Obama!

Michelle & Jesse said...

I'm with Grace!

Katers said...

Oh, yeah, another little "liberal" :-)

Laura F said...

So funny! I have no idea where kids come up with this stuff. We haven't talked much about it at home, and honestly aren't sure who we're supporting yet, but Erick's decided he's all for McCain because, and I quote in my most serious voice "He has some very interesting commercials on tv, and will make gas cost less." Okay, I admit to talking about the price of gas with them in earshot, but seriously! I'm pretty sure I wasn't so interested in presidential elections when I was six...

Sarah said...

I will point out that her teacher has not ever mentioned John McCain. I'm fine with introducing politics to the kids, in fact I think its good. But I think that both sides should be represented. As far as Grace is concerned he is the president already. Teachers have quite an impact on kids this age. I just wish she'd tell the kids about both major parties and their candidates.