Thursday, August 7, 2008


Saturday brought a 24 hour shift for Dr. Nathan at the hospital. So the kids and I crossed The River and met my parents for an outing in Springfield. We met them at the Lincoln Memorial Garden. It was very nature-y. Jimmy even walked into a giant spider web. Grace screamed (in a nice damsel-in-distress sort of way) and Jimmy just pulled on the web and began to unravel it. It was a great moment to illustrate the difference between these two.

From there it was on to other Lincoln sites - the tomb (Grace was totally disappointed she couldn't see "his dead body") and New Salem (this is a frontier town where Lincoln used to live). Our verdict on New Salem - never go when it is over 90 degrees with matching humidity (none of the homes have electricity, they are very 'authentic', this makes many of the workers there 'cranky.'). Really we couldn't help but compare it to Nauvoo and though one is 'politically-historical' and the other is 'spiritually-historical', they both are from the same time period and Nauvoo is a much more pleasant experience. However, New Salem has a gift shop (great for trying on hats and taking pictures and an ice cream shop, mmmmmm).

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Katers said...

Deja vu from my 7th grade class field trip! I've heard they've done quite a bit to that area to make it more tourist friendly. Sounds like it might be more of a spring/fall place to visit, eh?