Sunday, August 17, 2008

back to normal

Jimmy is much better, thank you very much. I know this for lots of reasons: he constantly throws the couch cushions all over the room, he insists on doing everything himself, he seems to try Gracie's patience, greets our pet fish every time he enters the room, and causes general mayhem and destruction all day long. On Friday when I went to get him after his nap this is what I discovered:


He somehow opened the closet door and got this box inside his bed. He was very proud of himself and I must admit, I'm pretty proud of him too.
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Ollievie said...

Glad to hear all is well again! Love the new "Grace-isms". I think Pizza Hut is a great illustration of the Plan of Salvation! I mean, why not celebrate these bodies of ours by stuffing them with yummy food :) And I'm going to need to let Evie know she too should start praying for my sanity!

Becky said...

Hi Sarah!
Nathan showed me how to have your blog on my feed list, so I've been enjoying reading what you're up to. Jimmy and Grace are so cute, and I laugh every time I read your Grace-isms. It makes me sad that we're too far to visit (unless you're planning to be in Utah for Christmas, like we are...)
I started a blog, so I'll send you an invite...
Well, I better run! -Becky

Holly said...

This is too cute! But Jimmy has been cute since day one!

Holly said...

This is too cute! But then again, Jimmy has been cute since day one!