Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the apple didn't fall far from the tree

This young gentleman takes a bit after his mother. He loathes change, thus his dislike for preschool. I think someone should write a picture book version of "Who Moved my Cheese?" Perhaps it could be called, "Who Moved my Cheese-Stick?"

He loves his teacher and calls her "my girl, Mrs. ___." She's joined the ranks of "my girl.." with Grace and I. She should take note of the company she keeps in that category. He has friends at school. He is excited to check on the preschool pet turtle, Frankie. He is happy to play with the toys and even does the art project. He participates at circle time. He sings the songs. But he doesn't ever want to go back.

There's another little guy having a harder adjustment. Apparently last week this guy just started crying. Jimmy walked up to him and gave him a big hug to "feel him better."

He may not eat any vegetables, but at least he's empathetic.
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Kristen said...

That is Blake! I chased him down the block one day mid year of his preschool experience.

emilysigler said...

for a kid that loathes change, he sure has changed (grown)! :) that's an adorable picture, Sarah.

GG/MOM/geny said...

There is a lot of "Moore" in young Jimmy..my five brothers all had "My girls--Charter." They just doted on, attracted, and were greatly liked by girls. We sisters always thought we had "friends" but most of the time 1/2 of them were there because of our brother: James, or Charlie,
or Wally, or David or Henry." The first four are on other side of Veil now, but Henry and his wife Kathy still dote on each other. Choice people. Love is beautiful. One more point: Little Jimmy has quite a bit of Morrison too: His POPS had large slew of females in his wake..so did Uncle Robin. You do realize how smart they are and both chose the best one to marry.Also,if you recall, Grandpa Jim must have like one older woman too.
My heart feels so overflowing with Jimmy's tender "I feel him good too."
True empathy.Love Grits-by-the-sea-side-with-powerful-family-feelings-tonight-and-wet-eyes-to-prove-it.