Friday, October 2, 2009

hacking or stuffy? come to SD

This is the best weekend in San Diego to choke on a fish bone, stick some tiny legos up your nose, or tell you mother you stuck a dried bean down your ear about a month ago.

Its the national ENT academy meeting! Right here at the convention center. (I think it has had just enough time to recover from comic com, they've cleared out all of the Spock impersonators - well at least the ones that aren't Elvis on the weekend and the Storm Troopers have headed up the coast to San Fransisco).

Woo hoo

Actually, I do think its rather cool because several friends and acquaintances are making their way to this fine city and we get to see them and visit!

Last night Nate got to play chauffeur and tour guide to some serious fancy-pants ENTs. In his car (well, really mine. I just didn't think the Fancies would appreciate being driven in a car with its front bumper being held up by industrial-strength (read: those annoying ones that you wrestle with on Christmas morning which are binding your child's new toy to its original packaging) twisty-ties), what was I saying? Oh right, in his car was a fancy doctor from the UK, one from Germany and one from New Zealand. His favorite line of the night was as he was driving them back to their various hotels, they passed the temple on Hwy 5. Dr New Zealand said, "is that there the Mormon temple?" Nate responded in the affirmative. Then Dr NZ said, "Crikey."

Tonight we're meeting up with the family that has graciously offered to host our belongings we left behind in St Louis. Trouble is, it seems that its up to me to figure out where we're going to dinner. That will be four adults: two eager to discuss an assortment of doctorly things, two who are weary from child-related things, and four kids: one exhausted from not sleeping well last night, one thrilled with life and needing to tell everyone everything about her world in the 2nd grade, and two zonked from a day's adventure at Sea World. Any suggestions?!

ps did I mention its Endoscopy Day? Where's your party hat?


GG/MOM/geny said...

Well, I think I would grab a tablecloth, go to a fancy "take-out" that has foods for adults and wee ones plus one who is 7 going on 28..head for the beach in comfy clothes with many flashlights.. Spread the tablecloth and eat first; then have fun letting the kids run with the giant fireflies in their hands....(They will think the lights for them to play, but really, they are the search lights that lets you know where they are, etc.)
The ENT Club should discuss all the meds they wish, but I think the wives should talk about where they think their husbands should take them on vacation with children in some happy place and you are not anywhere close. Plus you should have a snazzy, very dress up outfit and go in as if you are on the red runway..You may have to prompt the men that they are attending a "tie and coat" event.. And mention as you walk down the runway..that really, they are engineers or astronmers and forget the medical converstion for this one just want to talk about here and now the two of you..without children and then.."Which hotel did you book for us tonight dear??? That will startle him for sure and he will be busy thinking "where" and never have time for murmur of protest or thought of anything medical.
If he hasn't done that, a whole new discussion can develop. My motto is that if these husband/doctors can book a hotel for a honeymoon, surely they would remember how to now. And now is an important time. Off the top of my head that is all I can think to plan for your resturant night..and the "trip event???"a freebie from me," and yes, you are welcome. Geny=by-the-romantic-seaside-in Low Country Heaven. Love to all, MOM/GG/geny

GG/MOM/geny said...

Sarah--is Cricky" a comment on
"How very special?"
"How very beautiful"
"Well, OK..a bit weird?" I need to improve my vocabulary and do not have Hugh Jackman on phone just now..but I need to know.Luv-your-grits-by-the-sea-side-and time to got to bed!!!MOM/GG/geny

Natalie said...

i think you could also title this post "Nerd Alert!" -- since scott is really thinking hard about ENT, i say that with love.

how did the dinner party work out??? i hope you didnt get too stressed out by the cooking!

Sally Morrison said...

Too bad you didn't have a grandma available to babysit. That would have been the best choice! Hope you had a good time anyway.

Becky said...

Crikey! How could I have missed endoscopy day?!?