Tuesday, September 29, 2009

we're certainly not in Kansas anymore

I realized tonight that I don't live on the outskirts of what most people would really categorize as a ghetto. This came to my attention as Nate and I were sitting on our balcony which overlooks an under-used fire alley (this is a paved driveway to the main road (and really, it is not main but there are actual cars that drive on it) that is blocked off for traffic and fire and other emergency personnel can use it in case of well, a fire or emergency).

As we sat there an individual (cloaked in black I might add) walked up the drive to the gate and retrieved paper bags (grocery variety). This person (it was difficult to determine gender) then took the bags and hid them behind the bushes lining the drive. Our balcony light was out (its easier to see the stars if there are any, but alas there were not) and no one else was around. We were the only witnesses to this incident.

What could be in those bags? Well certainly drugs. It must be some crazy covert operation and anytime now someone will nonchalantly walk up the drive and pick up the bags. Action needed to be taken.

Armed with a flashlight Nate set out on a most dangerous task - to investigate the illicit bags and retrieve my goggles I left behind at the pool (well, he was going out anyway, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind getting those). He hopped the fence and investigated. What did he find you might ask? Bags of weed? (there is a lot of that here) How about some harder stuff?

No. It is just grocery sacks full of empty bottles. Call off the narcotic squad. Don't worry about those overhead helicopters either (those are just from Miramar). We just have empty bottles in totally recyclable paper sacks behind some bushes.

Although, they are quite serious about their recycling here, I bet the Reuse, Renew Recycle Squad is on its way. I'll keep an eye out for their green lights and sirens.


Nick said...

How do you live without actual criminals, and "police" chases?

H. said...

Well of COURSE the brown bags would have contained drugs. That's what I always saw when I looked down the street of our dogtown apt. I totally get you.

Ollievie said...

I can't believe Nate went to go check out the bags! How brave :) Sounds like you could rival Evalynn in imagination ;)

Sally Morrison said...

Strange recycling habits in San Diego! No fighting in the bushes? How boring...

GG/MOM/geny said...

Well Sarah..your MOM has been looking for bottles for her homemade vanilla! Could you not have garnered a few for her from those brown bags?"
Just run them thru the terribly hot dishwasher..they turn brand new again..would make "giant" Christmas gifts. Love-Grits-by-the-seaside-still-picking-up-seashells GG/MOM/geny