Friday, September 18, 2009

so worth it

According to my scientific research, jarred spaghetti sauce and pasta will only delight individuals who are 7 years old and under. If you aim to please a more mature crowd, please go ahead and make your own sauce. You'll be so thankful you did and you will not be tempted to order some take-out after the children are in bed.


Kristin said...

Amen sista...home made is the way to go!

GG/MOM/geny said...

Well, no matter which is best, nice guests eat and enjoy or simply say they ate before arriving. NEVER, never caused host or hostess feel unhappy over food you served. From: International Rules of Etiquette. Grits=by=the=seaside=by=Gulf Stream=in=Charleston, SC.

Gina said...

I'd love your recipe. It's time I put away childish things!

GG/MOM/geny said...

Well Sarah, I love the canned spagetti sauce brand by Bertolli..favorite is Portobello (Mushrooms with Merlot)24 oz size. I always add 1/4 teaspoon of famous Italian spice Fennell Seed..heat gently till just simmering..let this go on for a about 5-8 minutes for the flavor to escape from the Fennel Seed..and claim it as your own.
Just a kindly kitchen hint from your Grits-By-The-Southern-Sea-Shores-GG/MOM/geny