Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a file folder, 3 pieces of tape, 2 staples, and a ribbon

Her Highness needed a princess hat.
She needed ballet slippers too, but made due with purple rain boots.
But she needed a princess hat. I whipped up this amazing form of millinery in a matter of seconds.

G: "Mom, you are amazing."
Me: "Well thanks Grace, you look ravishing."
G: "Yeah, I know."


Becky said...

You are totally AWESOME, and she did look ravishing! ( Note to self: gotta keep posterboard on hand!)

Courtney said...

Sarah, Thanks for commenting on my blog. Are you Kris' daughter in law too? I was in their ward and worked with Kris in Primary. We have heard lots of good things about Carmel Valley and plan to check it out.

GG/MOM/geny said...

Dear Gracie..no doubt you look ravishing..that color perfect for you and I am happy purple still part of your color scheme.. Have you ever noticed? We can not do that by ourself? Always someone important, very important helps us. You have a super helper!!!
Hugs and kisses from geny-by-the-sea-side-who-sez-today-the-temperature-waves-breeze-just-perfect!GG/MOM/geny

GG/MOM/geny said...

Dear Sir Jimmy: This letter to inform you a loving Great-Grandmother adores, admires and always interested in all you do. So what has been your latest escapade? You know Daddy's at work, sister at school..and Mommy at yout total mercy--I mean your tender love.. Call upon me if you need any assistance..I still remember a few things about parents from a child's viewpoint.
Jack, you and me should have an afternoon together..Do you miss Sir Jack??(who I chrisened a knight some time ago..I was pushing him in stroller around the area and upon a lovely grassy area,we paused..so then, he became a Knight (in my kingdom.) I miss him too..I miss a whole bunch of little ones far, far away.
May I assure all young readers, you are very important.GG/MOM/geny

GG/MOM/geny said...

Sarah, it is a whole new ballgame, isn't it? Enjoy..which means you have to carve a few moments for you. And I don't mean just extra sleep..
What are you reading just now?? If my hands were not stiff, I would sign up for some special sewing classes..It seems the perfected methods of sewing plus tailoring are now taught easily to such a weak brain as mine..Wish I had a flair for designing children's clothes that look like them.. and not like they are already 25 in a strip place. Someone wishes our litle ones to look like available adults. You truly have to be careful how you shop anymore.
Love, GG/MOM/geny