Wednesday, September 2, 2009

we bring cousins together today

Bonus Points if you can tell me where the title of today's post originated.

We are so excited to live close enough to our cousins to actually get to see them. Two weeks ago Gracie had a sleep over with her cousin Jenna (Scott's) and then later that weekend had a fun dinner with Tyler and Zac (Coby's). T & Z are coming to visit us this weekend (with their Mom and Dad) and the next weekend Brooks and Lyssie (Lindsay's) are coming to visit. We can't wait!!!!!

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GG/MOM/geny said...

Cousins are the greatest..they are like brothers and sisters but live in differant houses..But then we get to visit!! Do it more often if you can. Love and thank you for those two--mine and Jim's very first two great grandchildren who are almost twins!! When I saw photo of Toby, Nate and the "Little One," my brain instantly said "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief." So guess who is chief among the three?? The young chief, of course!!!(Can you tell which era I grew up?? We had poems, quips, riddles memorized for every thing..but most of them our parents taught us.)
Love from Geny-by-the-sea-side-with slow-motion-energy-ragtag-slow-movement-snail-pace-cruising-through-my-entire-body-today-who- hears-the-couch-and-her-come-to-me songand I will..GG/MOM/geny