Monday, October 12, 2009

neither by plane nor by train

This is me on a date. I thought I cleaned up rather nicely.

On this particular occasion, we were meeting some ENT friends to ferry across the harbor, eat dinner and ferry back. Due to some major miscommunication we arrived at the wrong ferry crossing, took a peddle-taxi (you know, the kind with guy who rides a bike with you in a trailer attached) to the other ferry location, missed that ferry, then took a cab across the harbor to the 'island' (sorry, its really a peninsula, but island does sound much cooler). At this point we finally met up with the friends, had dinner, and then took another ferry back to our car.

Lessons learned:

1. Nate and I should really get out more. Its a lot of fun.
2. When someone tells you there is only one ferry, they are probably wrong (I feel I must clarify that neither Nate nor I were the ones to make that claim).
3. Fancy restaurants aren't always what they are cracked up to be. This one was beautiful, the food isn't even worth discussing.
4. Peddle taxis aren't as much fun as one would think. You never know when the driver might hit a curb (or something else).
5. Ferry boats are lots of fun (and so very inexpensive). We are certainly going to do that again. Prepare yourselves (those of you who choose to visit us), you will find yourself on a ferry for sure!


Kristin said...

You clean up 'very nicely'! In fact, you are down right HOT!! Glad you got out...I love date nights!!

Ollievie said...

Glad you made it to dinner! And what an adventure :)

GG/MOM/geny said...

Sarah--always remember white is one of your best colors..tho I have been informed many times white and black are not colors, so far I have not accepted that..and I do love red!!
I am happy about both your ferry rides..sorry about the mixup--but now you know why we always wanted to put you all on boat out to Fort Sumpter. (How many times did we take you? I have forgotten.) So if and when I can visit you all in San Diego..then I would love to take the ferry ride. And a picnic sandwich with lemonade would do me well.. Beautiful places and crummy food do not mesh very well.
I do like the jacket!! Grandpa Jim would say: "I cannot TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU!!." IN SUCH a way you knew you passed all his blue eyes could see. Yo-Grits-by-the-Sea-side-pluff-mud-plus-seagulls-on-sandy-beaches..Love-GENY/MOM/geny

Kris said...

Love your jacket and love Nate's shirt. Was it the little special "Nate gift" I gave him that he was so excited to receive???
You guys should get out every chance you get!