Sunday, January 24, 2010

royal blue

Big night last night: Jimmy's first BYU game. The Cougs came to SD and we were there! Thanks to a very generous sports fan (who also happens to be one of the docs with Nate) the four of us had some awesome seats to last night's game.

Here is the play by play:
We arrive in plenty of time to learn the stadiums in SD have outdoor concessions, not indoor. Quite different from us folks who come from places with real, actual winters.

We also learn we are there on rally night and everyone is given a rally rag (sort of a towel) with the SDSU fight song on it. We shortly learn thereafter that none of the SDSU students seem to know their own fight song. Good thing we know ours! Jimmy and Grace practiced all day and they were ready! (J's version begins: "Rise all Royal Cougars," and he has taken to calling the team The Royal Cougars). He was so excited he kept hitting the gentleman's (read: a Marine or very tough Army-man of sorts) seat in front of us. He (the gentleman) was none too keen.

During warm-up Jimmy couldn't get enough of 'those Cougar guys' and 'all of those BASKETBALLS!!' He then decided he was going to be a Cougar. Sounds good to me!

Grace used this time to scout out the crowd. She found our cousins across the arena and wondered 'who that boy is' our 17 yr old cousin was with. Grace said, "I don't even know him!" (Turns out he's 'just a friend,' for those of you wondering the same thing).

Next we were treated to the presenting of the Colors and the singing of our national anthem. Grace decided to sing along (again, seems that most SDSU fans were clueless about these words too) and our Soldier-in-Front turned around and complimented her on her singing. We were fast friends after that.

The game was a close one, the Cougars pulled ahead (really by the skin of their teeth, but probably more because of Nate's stadium-seating-coaching (see, in the picture below you can see the coaching staff conferring amongst themselves wondering 'what would Page do?)).

I'm sure SDSU thought their student section would have the goods necessary to pull them ahead, but they were too busy fussing with their ties to be any real challenge. Seems they thought what better way to taunt the Cougars than to dress in white shirts, ties, and bike helmets.


ps sorry to those of you in the silly student section - you had to wear a tie during the whole game - hah!

pss for you non-Cougs out there, the words are generally, 'rise all loyal Cougars'


Kara said...

So, wait. You're telling me that it's not the missionaries in the student section??

Katers said...

sounds like a good time was had by all!

Meredith said...

That is sooooo fabulous! SDSU Students are lookin' sharp! Too bad it didn't help. (not really).

I'm thinking of teaching Sam the fight song for next Christmas morning spent with the extended fam. Great job getting your kids started with it young! It must be sung. Often.

Kristin said...

So glad to see you are still 'royal' BYU fans!! What a fun family night!!

kim said...

Jealous!!!! What a fun time! We LOOOOVE the cougars!!

Kev and Chels said...

that's hilarious that they dressed like missionaries! So fun you got to be at a game in SD. we're trying to indoctrinate peter young too. he walks around saying "b-y-woo"

John said...

Looks like that Army guy taught Jimmy to sport his war face in the last pic. Intimidating.