Friday, August 6, 2010

shhhhh, Nate makes me laugh

Jimmy seemed to sleep a lot more than usual in the car this past month.

He often would be in strange positions and look hilarious.

However, it was only when Nate decided to impersonate him did the true hilarity ensue.

I'm such a lucky woman!
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GG/MOM/geny said...

Well, it is easy to explain how Jimmy looks more natural sound asleep sitting upright with nary a muscle doing any work..After all, his life has been such that he could get that down pat.
Nate on the other hand has had rigid demands on him so severe the past 12-15 years he honestly has to work at relaxing the first muscle.. But give him time, he will regain his childhood abilities to totally zonk out when given the opportunities.
I must say Sarah, as photographer, you know the perfect time to get the right shot!
Down-in-the-Low-Country-by-the-Sea-Side-after-a-day with-sun-and soon-a-rain-moving-in-and-tomatoes-for-Supper-from-the-flower-pot-gracing-front-door!!Love and blessings,

Ollievie said...

Thanks for a good laugh!