Thursday, August 19, 2010

the center

You may know a little about this gal and if you know just a little, you know she LIVES for the spotlight, for drama, for fun, and for all of this with an amazing amount of enthusiasm. I figured when we moved here I'd see if there was a little community theater she could be somewhat involved in. Well, there is. And it isn't so little.

By the time we got here (and then got back from all of our traveling) we had missed all the summer camps and things, but were just in time for auditions for The Wiz. We've never auditioned for anything! We have no head shots, no resume, no dance experience (outside of our living room or of course Rachel's wedding). That's okay, they say. We love to find new talent, they say. Just have her prepare 32 bars of an upbeat song and come prepared to sing. Okay, we say.

Grace is so very excited, and knows that she's up against kids that have been doing these sorts of things for years. But this is a chance to sing her guts out in front of other people! What could be better than that?!!?!

Nate and Jimmy take her to the audition (Jimmy was most insistent he went). While the boys waited in the hall, Grace marched into the room, handed them her music, and performed. It lasted a whole two minutes. How did it go? "It was AWESOME!" she says. The theater coordinator of auditions (not quite sure what her job is called) said, "well, that's what the directors really like - confidence!" Well, we've got that, sister.

The next day she called us back for Call Backs.
That was last night. We'll see...

In the meantime we'll say "Break a Leg, Girl!"
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Anonymous said...

I'll write her resume. Let's see...
"Enthusiastic, talented vocal performer with significant experience in song and dance. Excellent dramatic presence with eagerness to perform."

Good start?

emilysigler said...

we'll say "we knew her when..."

How fun!

Ollievie said...

Grace ... you're totally awesome! We're crossing our fingers for you.

Laura F said...

WAIT! I need to know what happened after this post! Did she make it? Is she an understudy? Does she need an agent and are they flying her off to hollywood? Inquiring minds need to know. :-) Your kids are so cute! It was fun to catch up on your blog a little tonight!