Thursday, August 19, 2010

where is our mother?

I'm right here. But you don't notice me as much because I am sick. Strep this time. Seems that 2010 is not my most excellent year of health. At least it is one of those things that drugs work wonders on.

I came down with it on our weekend away with Nate's extended family. Usually I am the one not as enthusiastic about all of our outdoor adventuring. This time I thought I was especially grumpy about it. 12 hours later a high fever confirmed that at least I had a right to feeling grumpy about traversing over slippery, hard rocks submerged under freezing cold water in 100 degree temps.

The next day I had a free "I Pass On This Adventure" ticket, fevers are good for that. I missed a long hike (long by my standards and the kids' standards, coupled with the high heat). Jimmy came back all sweaty and said he had been on a long, long hunt. I wondered if it was a/c he had been hunting for?

Monday began a busy week. Grace headed to school, Nate was home long enough to see her off (what?!!? yes, I love his new job). Jimmy and I tried to find our way to the insta-care clinic (yes, we so need real doctors). But we couldn't go. The car wouldn't start. Seriously. Nate called AAA (I was basically unable to because by that point if I spoke it resulted in tears and that's not the best way to communicate with mechanics). They came, changed the battery, and all has been fine.

We ventured forth to the clinic. One look inside my throat and she says, "oh my!" Instant strep test confirms our suspicions. Rx is written. Oh, and my fever finally broke on the way over to the clinic.

My cute German neighbor invites both kids to come over and play for the afternoon. I sleep for three hours. Nate comes home. His evening meeting was cancelled. He takes the kids to Grace's audition (I'll tell you more about that later).

Life is good and will continue to be so.
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emilysigler said...

ooooh. I hate strep. I had to hold onto something to swallow, it hurt so bad. hopefully you will feel better and life will slow down a little.

Ollievie said...

Yikes! You sure have had some crazy health "adventures" this year. I hope you're feeling yourself again soon.