Friday, February 18, 2011

hello, my name is not martha

Jimmy's request for his birthday party theme first was Cars. Then it was cars. Then it was cars and monster trucks. Then it was Cars and fire trucks. I decided to just roll with it.

After initial research (i.e., I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and his response was "brown cake"), I thought the easiest approach would be to do a tire cake.

You might say though, Sarah those look like donuts, not tires. And you would be right for that particular group of goodies on the left is indeed donuts leftover from the donut-on-a-string game.

You might then say, Yes but the other ones in the middle and on the right really do not look like tires. And to that I would say, well that is YOUR opinion; but to me and this boy they are and always will be tires.

See, even Zac thinks so.

Incidentally, they (whatever they looked like) were really good. I cheated and used a cake mix, but the frosting was a homemade butter cream and boy-howdy was it delicious.


Sally Morrison said...

I think they look like tires. And Martha was never a name we considered for you!
You are Sarah, great Mom, great Wife, great Daughter, great Person!

Gina said...

Thank heavens kids are more than elated by our "non-Martha" creations!