Thursday, February 17, 2011

its a numbers game

(please note their coordinating Christmas attire. Try as I might, I can't convince Nate his sweater vest is done. Well, we all have our own tastes, right?)

This post could also be called, "What happens in the living room, should stay in the living room."

Our latest family activity: Black Jack. Turns out its not just for Bond girls and villains, its also an effective tool to speed up math facts. Nate makes a fabulous dealer. Grace is a serious player. Jimmy likes to hold his cards so everyone can see them. Everyone especially likes the part where you say, "hit me." So far there have been no wagers...

It reminds me of the stories of lore from when Nate was a kid. When they would drive between Utah and California, they would find themselves in Nevada (if you could guess that, you are awesome at 2nd grade geography, but we're now in third grade and that is why we find ourselves playing black jack - all in the name of education I say).

His dad would talk to the kids about gambling and why it wasn't a good idea. He'd put quarters in the slot machine - to show them how wasteful it was to basically give away a hard-earned quarter. And wouldn't you know, each and every time more than a quarter would come out.

Next month we are taking a trip to Northern California. Too bad we won't be going through Nevada. I could use some new quarters.


Seriously... said...

hahaha. that totally happened to us when we were kids. the best was one time my dad (to make the no-gambling point), put the quarter in, pulled the handle and won like $50 in quarters. they just kept coming and coming. we were all super excited to start gambling then :)

Katers said...

That reminds me of a story Joe told me when he was a kid. His very conservative family was driving from Indiana to Oklahoma and saw signs for peep shows for $0.25. He and his brothers asked what it was...and his parents said you could pay $0.25 to watch little chickens. Growing up in a rural community the boys said, why would we pay for that, we can see that in our own yards!

MissMOE said...

Your post always make me smile. Thanks for sharing your awesome humor with the world!