Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

Our early Christmas Eve celebrations took place at Nate's parents home. It was full of festivities: Danish delights, a white elephant gift exchange (btw, I got some bumpits, totally), Christmas crafts, and also Nate decided to wear his oldest sweater - I think that has become a new Christmas tradition (if you can call it new as it is old, as in from early high school old).

Upon our arrival at home we discovered the Christmas Elves had visited us. Do they visit you? They come every year on Christmas Eve and bring us new pjs!

It turns out our elves were none other than Lanny and Wayne from Prep and Landing. See, they even left us some landing gear to play with.

They also decided to get mom and dad involved. You'll note I'm sure that Grace and I are darling in our kitten mitten pjs.

You'll also note how fabulously "Animal"-like Nate and Jimmy are.

We some how managed to get the kids to bed.

And then we waited for the big guy to show up!
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Seriously... said...

i think i remember that sweater.

Gina said...

You must take pictures modeling the bumpits! Also, have you seen the new muppet movie? Are your guys "men or muppets"?