Thursday, December 8, 2011

its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Today I treated myself to a delightful wait in the pick-up line: a chocolate-covered marshmallow snowman, accompanied by chilled Pellegrino and a little, light Agatha reading. The red sweater I donned really encapsulated the festive spirit right there in the minivan.

Our halls are decked (and really, the hall in the house has no real decoration, but most of the other rooms in the house do!) And our Grizwold tree tree is much more tame that I thought it would be (gratefully no squirrels have made an appearance yet!). In fact, I find it quite lovely.

I am attempting to roast a chicken for dinner tonight (along with roasted fingerling potatoes and a quintessential green bean casserole - I've been thinking about having that for WEEKS). The problem with the chicken is that it pretty much looks like too much of the head was left on. I like my meat fully butchered, and this one is lacking in that department. I need to gather my gumption and face the birdie.

I'm also still facing a Christmas card conundrum. We didn't take family pictures this year, the ones last year were fantastic and I didn't see the point in re-doing them (especially as no one has change much in appearance since then). My current favorite picture is the one where we are all wearing turkey hats, but I don't see that jiving with the whole Christmas-y theme. In other news, our digital address book has fully fried and I need to start from scratch!

So dear reader, if you want to remain on the "Nice or Naughty" Page Christmas card list, let me know would you? (and convey your address somehow, please - an email to stlpages at yahoo dot com would do nicely).

Too bad I can't send chocolate covered marshmallow snowmen instead.

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