Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 and 2

The Big Guy did come. He filled our stockings and even managed to lug in a new bike.

Much to Jimmy's chagrin, he also managed to bring some sweet Christmas church duds. That's what happens when you are churchin' it up on Christmas Day.

Most of our pictures of Jimmy on Christmas look like this:

Most of our pictures of Grace look like this:

I love Christmas-ing,

Evidently the children do too. There are no better facial expressions than this on Christmas morning. Do you agree???!

After tearing open up everything from the North Pole, a little biking was in order.

(or scootering, if you were so inclined).

Who can resist a manly man on pink wheels? Not I.

We paused on our Christmas Day and did some churching. Not only did Nate and I sing in the choir, I did a duet with another gal. Talk about sweating bullets.

We rushed home, changed into comfy-ness, and dived into gifting again.

Please note the young scientist and her blur of a brother.

It was a very Merry Day. Hope yours was too!

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Ollievie said...

I love all your Christmasing posts! You're so fun!!! And I had no idea there was snow that close to you. Or ice.