Friday, January 6, 2012

to party

Right after the holiday swoop we head right into the birthday bang. I'm up first, then Grace, then Jimmy - all before Valentines Day. I'm still in Holiday Recovery Mode. I can't fathom putting together a birthday party, let alone 2 (or 3 if we do a family one too).

Grace is leaning towards a Hogwarts themed bash, Jimmy is gearing up for a Spy Guy soiree. All I can think about is chocolate cake.


Seriously... said...

argh. we are the same way. Parker, Dustin and myself all have january birthdays. the partying never stops!

Alicia said...

Another in the same boat, Emilyne, Bryoney and then me. Emie's is a first too, so I feel obligated to go all out...not sure if I have the steam. Good luck!