Tuesday, January 31, 2012

chimney sweep

First, be sure to wear a white shirt.

Second, gleefully push ash and soot down the opening to your dad who is on the other side.

Third, wear your frog boots. They are best suited to this job. Also, waving your dirty hand to your mom will certainly make her smile and be glad that she decided to take pictures of the event.

Fourth, don't forget to take off your frog boots before you step on the light carpet.
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Wendy said...

Before we moved to St. Louis, we lived in Little Rock. We got our chimney cleaned and Bradley thought it was awesome to watch him. At one point the "cleaner guy" looked at Bradley (who was 2) and said, "stay in school kid" Proper advice, I think! But your little chimney sweep is sure cute! I'd say he's a keeper!

Ollievie said...

I feel like watching Mary Poppins now.