Sunday, June 17, 2012

an olympic weekend

I now present to you the Page Cousin Olympics. First up, the Synchronized Snack Toss (much thanks to the Family Fun magazine for this crazy idea). First, find two people willing to wear shower caps covered with shaving cream:

Next, find two people anxious to throw Cheetos at the Shaving Cream Heads:

The "Team" with the most Cheetos stuck to the shower cap at the end is the winner.

Hard to believe that it was an actual tie - 15 each. No, that was not rigged, just meant to be I suppose.

The Throwers were much more shaving cream-free than the Shower Cap-ers.

The final round consisted of all of the children throwing Cheetos at Nate. He's such a good sport.

The laughing that ensued was hilarious for all to behold.

Really, can I ask for a better husband than this. I think not, he is the BEST!

After a "quick" clean up...

Its on to water basketball, synchronized water-dancing, and the diving competition.

In the end, we were all winners (I think that's just how we roll around here).


Seriously... said...

i love that shaving cream idea. i will have to use that sometime this summer....

Emily S. said...

that is HILARIOUS. Like, still giggling. :) :)