Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hey there. Happy July 15 to you. We generally celebrate the 15th of July around here. Why you ask - you know why - its our anniversary! 14 years today. I thought we'd look back at the last few anniversaries.

Here we are at the Tim McGraw concert in 2006. Nate said he had never see me scream like a teenager before that evening. Clearly he must recall we were teenagers when we met, I guess I just didn't scream that much. What he must have meant was that he had never see me stand on my chair and drool over a cowboy before. The concert was awesome.

Tour of St. Louis. Our 10th anniversary coincided with the start of Nate's chief year (last year) of residency. With absolutely no chance of having vacation time to go out of town, we had to settle for a Saturday that he was actually not required to be at the hospital. We found a lovely, kind soul who took care of our kids for the ENTIRE day, and took a tour of the city we had lived in for the last 8 years. It was such a fun day!

We had just moved to San Diego. It seemed appropriate to celebrate on the beach.

You get two pictures here. On our actual anniversary we were on a familiar route: I 55 from St. Louis to Chicago - one last time. A couple of weeks later we were in Salt Lake. this family portrait at the temple cracks me up. I guess Jimmy needed to grow a foot or two.

A few days later we cruised up to Brighton. This is the site The Proposal. I'll have to tell you that story sometime. It involves a minor car accident, some fibbing, lots of skiing, and some kissing. Most proposals should involve those things, dontcha think????

Last year in Monterey, CA. BEAUTIFUL

Its still a mystery. Lets just say that at some point a weekend getaway is planned. In the meantime, we'll be all mysterious (because I love being mysterious with a good mustache).

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Wendy said...

Congratulations! Looks 14 looks good on you guys!

Ollievie said...

you guys are fun. happy anniversary!