Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the first 36 hours

This post could also be called "When  We Travelled North."

A long time ago (like almost two weeks ago). We packed up the car and headed out of town. Our first stop was of course in Kingman, AZ. Yes, you have heard of Kingman - its in that song, Route 66. Its a great little town, I'm sure for lots of reasons, but our reason is Redneck's Southern Pit BBQ. Some of the best BBQ west of the Mississippi (yes, I do realize that Kansas City is west of the ol' Miss, but this place is good!).

Here is our Grace as we await our delights. Please note the sign on the building behind her - we really were in Kingman.

See, its on Route 66.

Our next stop was Vegas. This picture is a bit blurred, but most people in Vegas seem a bit blurred, don't you think?

We stayed here. Fabulous if you want a roomy one bedroom suite, non-gaming, a family friendly pool with no swim-up bar and a better price than you'd pay for a room in Kanab (if you were headed North the other way).

We were well-rested after our night there and ready to hit the road. See -

We stopped for lunch in St. George. A cute little town. I'm sure we need to check it out further another time.

Then we drove and drove some more and more and more, and found our way here.

That's Provo for all you non-BYU folks. Dinner at El Azteca Taco Shop. A must if you haven't. Love their chile relleno. Is this a travel/food-logue? Yes, yes it is.

And finally - bonus points if you can tell me what the above picture is? Nate and I went there on our first date after his mission. Cliche for sure. But we like it.

The next stop was up through the canyon to a little place called Park City. A fun family reunion of sorts was about to begin...

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