Wednesday, August 1, 2012

rocky mountain high

One day we ventured to the Olympic park in Park City. Seemed like a great place to whet our appetite for all things Olympic. While we were there we learned a valuable lesson, "everything tastes better when you're high..." Good to know.
Turns out it was Western Days at the park. And of course when its Western Days, one can hula hoop if one desires. 
Not even knowing it was Western Days, Jimmy had brought along his bandanna. He's prepared like that. 
Western Days and Olympic-style fun is even better when you have a grandpa along! 
We were there to see the Flying Ace Aerial Show. To say it was awesome would be an understatement. 
Former and future Olympians from a variety of ski and board events strapped on their gear, trudged up the hill, slid down what appeared to be giant slides, and did flips and tricks and twists and eventually fell into a large pool with great style. 
We LOVED it. Even my niece attacking her bottle on my knee love it. 
Nana and Poppy were astounded. 
Its a long way up that hill. 
But the thrills are so worth it. 
Afterwards, you could go and meet all of the tricksters, take pictures and get some autographs. 
Grace had them sign the under-brim of her hat. Smart young lady, she is! This is my favorite picture. I don't think I could pull of pink stripped hair (but then again I can't pull off a triple twist into the pool on skis nor can I handle moguls let alone medal in them!)
Grace, meet Shannon. Shannon meet Grace! 

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