Thursday, August 9, 2012

we mosey to the mountains

The day after our Olympic Park fun was the day we headed to the family cabin. To get to the family cabin in Big Cottonwood from Park City, one can take a very LONG drive down to SLC and back up through the main canyon road. Or one can take a short-cut on an unpaved road called Guardsman's Pass. As you might imagine, that is what we did. To say the road was rough would be an understatement. At least 1/3 of our party was motion-sick upon arrival. Here you see two of our party trying to re-coop:

Here you see two of our party watching out for wildlife:

They took their job quite seriously.

Right up the road from the cabin is Silver Fork Lake. A perfect place for taking a little walk and searching for wildlife.

It became evident quickly that we would mostly likely not see wildlife because the majority of our party was wilder than actual wildlife. We did see some pretty flowers, though.

We also struck "Cool and Dangerous" poses:

And fancy poses:

And with amazing luck we did see wildlife - a squirrel!!! The kids were beyond excited about the squirrel saying they had never seen one before. They are silly.

We were also "lucky" to see some ducks. They were all over the place.

I love the mountains. I love the aspens. I also love the cabin. Hard to believe I'm a city girl when I'm up here.

The cabin has many fabulous activities, including (but not limited to) Chinese Checkers.

It even has a perfect reading corner.

Happy Family Times (can you spot a few differences between these two pictures?)

Three Manly Generations-

Three of my favorite people-

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