Sunday, August 12, 2012

towards the end

Okay guys, time to get back into the car...

We only have an very, very, very long drive ahead of us.

We'll see beautiful countryside.

We'll admire an old fort.

We'll smile in front of an old cabin.

We'll be as civil as possible to one another and break out the DVD player for the back seat.

And we'll finally, finally, finally make it through various construction projects and enter Bryce Canyon. Once we're there, feel free to make Strong Man poses, it will make everything better.

Enjoy the insanely beautiful vistas you've only ever seen in books and now can see in real life.

Try not to leap the fence into the canyon itself as your parents enjoy a little photo op.

Its a long way down.

Yes, please, strike another Strong Man pose. It really helps one appreciate the beauty of the scene and the fluffiness of the clouds.

Try not to fall into the creek.

Now just try and smile a few more times.

That's better!

We only have to make it to Kanab (a mere 80 miles down the road). You can sleep on the way. Mom will watch out for wildlife attempting to cross the road while Dad keeps propelling us to our destination.

And that was our second-to-last day of our trip. The following day, our tired-selves made it back home. And we managed to do so in good time with relatively good spirits. It helped we fueled up with serious tastiness. 

If dear reader, you find yourself in need of home-cooking done right while driving through Kanab, you should certainly go to Houston's. And if you decide that you need some battered-and-fried poblano pepper strips while in Sedona, you should get yourself over to Red Rock BBQ. (You can thank me later).

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