Friday, August 10, 2012

we are real cowboys

The most favorite part of our trip was horseback riding. We picked the "outfit" based on one requirement - the age requirement. Most insist on everyone being at least 8 years old. That is a big bummer for someone who is 6.

 Much care went into horse assignments. 

Here are the horses from left to right:
Clarke, Trinket, Romeo, Chuck (or "Fluffy"), Handsome, and Uno

Here are the riders left to right:
Poppy, Aunt Lindsay, Moi, Jimmy, Grace, Handsome ("Nate")

Jimmy was a little hesitant to start, but after 5 minutes loved it. The funniest part was seeing his little body on top of such a big horse. When he'd kick his legs to go faster, the horse didn't even seem to notice.
Having attended an equestrian day camp (one half-day), Grace was an expert rider.  

But no one in our party was an expert roper!

It was such a fun time, I am certain we'll do it again.

A side note on the horses' names:
My horse, Romeo, had a serious thing for Betty, our guide's horse. This caused some hilarity on our ride. Nate's horse, Uno, used to have a compadre, Dos. Sadly, Dos "didn't work out," so Uno consoles himself in tasty mountain snacks (grass, flowers, and any kind of vegetation he can manage to pull while riding). Jimmy's horse, Chuck, was a great faithful steed. Though part-way through our ride Jimmy informed Jane (our wonderful guide) that he really thought Chuck's name should be Fluffy. She said he might as well go ahead and rename him as he probably wouldn't care and most likely did not notice Jimmy in the first place.

At the end of our ride Jimmy picked a flower and gave it to Jane. I think he likes a girl who can ride.
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