Friday, July 13, 2012

its getting hot in here

I am now going to plow right ahead and tell you all of the hot and pricey excitement we've been having around these parts.

First off, the picture above is my happy place. It is where my mind has been going during the last 8 days.

During the last 8 days:

*     My car had a transmission overhaul.

*     Our back picture window shattered into millions of tiny pieces. We aren't sure the cause but are zeroing in on a crazed bird (you do know of my "unrealistic" fear of birds, right? I think now it can be classified as "realistic").

*     An after-hours a/c repair visit was necessary as suddenly the compressor and fan decided to begin the dying process. The unit was basically ICU-worthy for 2 days until the repairs could be made.

*     We have been visited by caterpillars every day INSIDE our house. And these are not the cute, squishy green ones straight out of an Eric Carle book. Oh, no - these are nasty brownish-pink ones. They are worth a quarter to any child willing to touch them and throw them out into the back yard. This then encourages the birds (see above my feelings about birds) to come and eat them. The children (including Nate) love to watch this Circle of Life demonstration out the back window (well, the window that isn't boarded up, that is).

*     The day following 9 days of call was the day that an emergency case was added at the end of Nate's clinic day. This case was bumped to later. This was also the day of our mid-week date.

*     Nate's car's a/c has decided to quit. This is not good news in July in Arizona.

*     It has rained a few times. This is good news, but please note that boarded up windows are not as water-tight as real glass ones. That will be remedied in 2 hours. I am looking forward to it.

During the last 9 days:

*     My parents came to visit - super fun!

*     My sweet, new nephew was blessed.

*     We discovered we could see the fireworks from the fancy resort 2 miles from us in our backyard - a most excellent way to end the 4th. Grace even lead us all in the National Anthem. The neighbors next-door erupted in laughter, but joined in by the end.

*     We had tons of cousin time and pool time and Pokemon time.

*     The children made extra cash eliminating caterpillars from our home (see above).

*     Nate and I went on a mid-week date - never happens, but should more often. Even dates that start late have a happy finish.

*     I finally saw Captain America. I find myself thinking about many of his amazing, ahem, "qualities."

Thank Goodness Its Friday!!!!!!!

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Sally Morrison said...

Very happy I was there for the fun and frolic...and clean-up. Miss you mucho!