Thursday, September 20, 2012

flex and point

I have joined the ranks of a select group - 
The Few
The Proud
The Middle-Aged Ballet Dancers

Yes, you are so right in saying, "you are NOT middle aged." I agree, but a majority of the ladies in my class are! 

We point, we flex, we help Joanie up off the floor after our point and flex floor exercise. We then head to the barre where we (mercifully spend most of class) and point and flex and do leg raises and point and flex some more and then end everything with a series of plies. And of course Grande Plies.

Did I tell you its fun? It is. Its sort of like a silly secret to be taking an adult beginner ballet class (though apparently Susan is not a beginner anymore, but she likes to stay in the class anyway. I think she's about 75).

After class I head over to the gym and lift my guts out with weights. It really is a great exercise in compare and contrast - ballet to weight lifting. There's a lot more sag in class and a lot more ripped abs in the weight room.

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Gina said...

Love it! Good for you! Age shouldn't stand in our way of pursuing our interests. (I took a community tap class a few year ago. My dreams of Broadway were tempered the first day when I found our instructor was in her 60's and wearing a knee brace.)