Friday, July 18, 2008

fruit of our labors


The beauties found their way into a tasty pasta salad. After two days Grace is still asking for more.
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Katers said...

Do you like salsa? There are tons of recipes out there and you can make batches and freeze or can them. Although I know nothing about canning, Joe's mom says it's super easy.

Natty by Nature said...

Wow. Your veggies look delicious. And the raspberries make me jealous. I'm sorry to say we haven't had much luck with our garden this year. We planted our zucchini in the wrong spot and it shriveled up quickly and only gave us a few zucs. Our yellow squash was the same. Last year we had zucchini and mystery gourd coming out our ears. Our peppers, tomatoes, and onions are still holding up in the heat. I guess it's salsa for us this year.

Dana King said...

Thank for stopping by. Seems we never get a chance to talk at church...blogs are a great way to keep up on folks.

I wish we had planted tomatoes this year for sure!

Andi said...

Im impressed! I wont even go outside long enough to do anything but swim let alone garden!