Monday, July 7, 2008

holiday weekend

We celebrated the 4th with Salsie & Pops. It was a fun day full of bratwurst, chicken legs, pie, Texas sheet cake, baked beans, Grandma's famous shrimp salad (though it has been years since she has actually made it, but its still hers!), etc. I think we're still full!

On Saturday we all went downtown to visit Millenum Park. The weather was incredibly beautiful. It was hard to believe it was July in Chicago! The kids loved playing in the crazy fountain. After we dried them up, we headed North on Michigan Ave. The people and the sights were so fun. But most of all it was fun to share the day with Sals and Pops!

We made it back to STL after we stopped for a "quick bite" in Lincoln, IL. If given a chance, Nate will do his best never to eat at a chain kind of restaurant. Usually this is great, but not on a road trip with children! We found ourselves at Daphnae's Family Restaurant. The food was fine and the service was very friendly. But, my oh my, did it take FOREVER! Love you dear!


Nicholas said...

Love the pictures at the giant silver jelly-bean ("cloud-gate"-- what a silly name for a jelly-bean). Kara is back in St. Louis tomorrow, and I know is looking forward to resuming baking day. Hope we get to see you all soon.

Lindsay said...

That is one cool looking fountain. Wow! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Yay!

H. said...

I LOVE Millenium Park! What a fun weekend for you!