Thursday, July 31, 2008

the other white meat

So a few weeks ago Nate made this for dinner. It was "'mazing" to quote Jimmy. The kids snarfed it up (well, J did not each the spinach part) and to Nate's dismay there wasn't much leftover. Also it was very quick and easy to make. I decided to make it tonight - I found some nice chops on sale and our tomatoes are just begging to be used up - it'd be perfect. But there's a problem: I'm not good at making pork! I don't know what Nate does that I don't when it comes to pork, but whatever it is he does it well. Now I'm just disappointed. I'm generally a very good cook. I guess I'll have to add pork to my list of "Things Better Cooked By Someone Else". What's on your list?


Natty by Nature said...

Does Nate compliment himself when he cooks a great meal? Coby does.

Gina said...

The recipe looks yummy. I think anything is always made better by another- as long as I don't have to cook! My answer would have to be fish. Fish scares me. I can never tell if the juices are running clear, until it's too late.

Katers said...


I LOVE you new blog look! Where did you get the template? It is perfect!

ps. If you soak pork in brine it will cook up softer every time. Although I'm not a fan of pork, it does grow on me at times.

Lindsay said...

Yum-o! That sounds delightful. Keith makes the best breakfasts--eggs, crepes, pancakes, whatever he touches, it's yummy. And I still can't touch Shelley Bradburn's cinnamon rolls. Hers are the best.