Thursday, July 9, 2009

a long time ago and far, far away

Well at least three weeks ago, we were still on our 1900+ mile journey to our new home in San Diego. One of the reasons it was over 1900 miles is because we couldn't resist taking some side jaunts off the main drag.

You see, Nate always wants to go off the beaten path and see whatever desert, forest or rock collection we are driving by. Combine that with my dream of visiting the Painted Desert (this came from reading about said desert in my social studies book back in the Fourth Grade. Oh, how I dreamed of going there...) and you get a side trip to not only the Painted Desert, but the Petrified Forest as well!!!
Pretty awesome. See, dreams do come true (even if they are a bit more windy than you anticipated).


Anonymous said...

So, what color was it painted??

Becky said...

It is beautiful, in a very dessert-ish way, isn't it?

Ollievie said...

I'm still processing that you drove 1,900 miles!