Monday, July 20, 2009

this guy I know

This guy I know has his own way of doing things:
  • He prefers to go commando if his Mr. Incredible wonder-pants are unavailable
  • He prefers to eat nothing resembling a fruit or a vegetable, unless it is juice of an apple
  • He refuses to drink anything unless it originally came from an apple
  • He is most particular about his footwear. He currently has his "fast train shoes" (they have Thomas the Tank engine on them - these allow him to run fast as a train). He has "strong shoes" (these are Transformer shoes which are very much a Keen knockoff. They fit him well, but as he is unfamiliar with Transformers, we told him the character on them (OptimusPrime) is a friend of Spiderman, and of course these shoes demonstrate his strong-ness). He also has "chocolate shoes" which are his brown loafers he wears to church.
  • He loathes church clothes and insists on wearing "fast" clothes every day.

See if you can figure the following things out. Put your answers in the comments area:

1. Jimmy wants to read "the green book about dinner." What book is it?

2. A convertible Porche drives by, Jimmy says: a. Its fast!!! b. Its cool!!! c. Look, its a goken car.

3. What does 'goken' mean?

4. He desperately wants to be a "surfer-California-boy." What is the one major thing holding him back?

5. What color is his cowboy hat?


Kara said...

I'm guessing the answer to #1 is Green Eggs and Ham. I have insider information on the rest, so I'll let others answer.

Katers said...

I thought #1 was The very hungry catepiller, #2, it's fast, #3, broken??, #4, he doesn't like sand...

Am I even close??

The Lunts said...

The only one I'm positive about is #4...he's afraid of the water/ocean. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the book.
It's goken means broken and he says it like he is seriously heartbroken.
The sand and big waves are keeping him from being a surfer boy.
And if I remember correctly his cowboy hat is pink and white (Gracie's old Easter hat). However, I think you bought him a new one.
Look forward to seeing you soon!