Sunday, July 19, 2009

three hour tour

I haven't seen Nate very much over the last 2 weeks. So you can imagine my delight last night during three luxurious hours. We had conversations only interrupted by our waiter who brought us delicious things to eat (such as hand-picked heirloom tomatoes with goat cheese and a basil buttermilk dressing; followed by some tasty soups (for me - Japanese clam chowder with shiitake mushrooms and for Nate a Mulligawtawny with a light hint of curry); followed by perfectly seared scallops, Yukon gold-olive oil smashed potatoes, a cauliflower puree and an arugula shallot salad (for me) and (for Nate) Moroccan spiced prawns, crispy tofu, thinly sliced peppers and a white wine butter. If that wasn't enough, we were presented with a dark chocolate cake with a cream filling, Grand Marnier strawberries (I told Nate to go easy on those as he would be driving home) and vanilla bean honey gelato). I am still swooning.

Also, we partook of this deliciousness overlooking the ocean. Wow.

We then crossed the street walked down to the coast and watched the sun set. Pretty incredible. And to think, Jimmy and Grace missed it all.


H. said...

oh, my! Your anniversary dinner sounds scrumptious!! Congrats, you two! I wish we could dine there for our celebration next month. I guess I really should start thinking of where we should go this year.

Ollievie said...

I love food, fancy dinners, sunsets on the beach, chocolate desserts, kids m.i.a. . .sounds lovely!

Laura F said...

So, San Diego's growing on you, huh? :-) What a wonderful evening!

Janelle said...

I'm dying for a date night since we are in the process of moving right now. I need to plan something to look forward to after this mess is over.