Sunday, September 18, 2011


(The following photo has nothing to do with this post as it is a final photo from soccer season. Since then we've been through lacrosse season and lived to tell the tale. We are looking forward to another lacrosse season, perhaps when it is not over 100 degrees every single Saturday morning).

Jimmy's really into the whole Kindergarten thing. He loves reading and will demonstrate this awesome life-skill to anyone and anything (including a stuffed platypus).

He's currently digging punctuation - periods, question marks, and (my most favorite) "questlamation points!!!!!"


Kristin said...

Questlamation points have always been my favorite punctuation as well!!!!
He's one wise boy!

Katers said...

The other day Izzy asked me:

"Are you for non-fiction?"

Now, I like some "serious" books too, but could not exactly see where this conversation was going.

Upon further explanation in her own words: Non-fiction is real stuff, so she was asking me, "Are you for real?" Gotta love that K lingo!