Wednesday, September 7, 2011

trying old things

Today I was back in the classroom. I've volunteered to help out in the Kindergarten room. This time I got to run literacy centers. And you know what? I loved it.

I'm not really the room-mom type. I really don't care to collect various funds for various things. I don't enjoy planning and carrying out elaborate classroom parties. I don't want to be in charge of pta kinds of things. But, I do want to teach.

I love helping a child discover that s/he can actually read. It really is something to me.

I loved it so much this morning that I went to Grace's classroom and spoke with her teacher. Turns out there are a few students not reading near grade level. And now a few times a month I get to work with those kids!



Meredith said...

Yeah, indeed! That's fabulous!!! Lucky kids...

Anonymous said...

Yay for you and the kids!

MissMOE said...

Yah! for them and for you also!