Friday, September 23, 2011


The other night, we were reading together. During Jimmy's turn, the word "quake" was included.

He paused and informed us all that "quake" was another word for something that can happen on airplanes.

Something that would shake and make you wiggle around while flying.

And that something of course is -


It took a bit of convincing on our part for him to accept that infact the word was "turbulence," but you probably knew that already!
ps these are 6 month old pics taken on a chilly day on the California Coast. You could say it was a "salty" day!
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Anonymous said...

I love to hear Jimmy describe something. He has a way with words :)

amy said...

you're kids are hilarious! love all the stories you share.

p.s. when are you coming for a visit? miss you!