Saturday, September 17, 2011

what do you do in the summertime?

What do you do in the summertime? When all of your world is 110 degrees? You pack up some cousins, some grandparents, and an aunt an uncle and head to where its cooler - say only 101 degrees!!!

We've found Sedona to be the perfect location to find 98-100 degree weather in August. It blows my mind I'm excited when it is in double digits. I've thought of having a double digit temperature party when we actually reach that on a continual basis. I think I will and I think it will be called Thanksgiving.

Back to the post here -
On our way back down away from the coolness of Sedona to the hot, hot Valley of the Sun, we did some off-roading and wound our way over to Montezuma's Well.

Its actually a sink hole with a natural spring.

Its one of the first Native American sites I've been to where I can actually believe one would want to live there. The water was cool and refreshing and their houses were awesome.

Here is where the spring sprouts from. The water is pure and clear.

So pure and clear in fact it is most difficult not to jump in it yourself.

Thankfully wise grandparents are there to casually restrain you from your tempation.

Parents are also there and are slightly willing to pose for a picture.

Thanks for being such a great host, Montezuma. We will return.

But next time, we might take the paved road we found on our way out instead!
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