Sunday, February 8, 2009


Jimmy turns 3 tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Buv!
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Ollievie said...

i hope to meet your little guy one day! happy birthday :)

Gina said...

I can't believe he's THREE!

Katers said...

Wow, lots of parties at the Pages house! Happy Birthdy!

Lindsay said...

Buv-ie! Hope it was a great day.
Alyssa has been singing Happy Birthday to you everyday, and telling our neighbors, the dr., my visiting teachers, and anyone else that will listen that it was your birthday this week. :o) She also explains that you'll be moving to San Diego this year, and she CAN'T WAIT! I'm envisioning a few road trips this year...xoxo, Linds

Kenmeer livermaile said...

Such a dream I had about your Mum and Dad.

They'd come to visit us in dream-myth-eastern Washington. Steve had made for me the coolest gift:
a chair that you wound up and then it shot you into the air at living room appropriate but still thrilling height and length.

Andrew was younger than now and entranced. All kinds of other stuff, way wonderful stuff I barely recall, although there were balloons in the sky at one point.

Then I woke up and the north wind rolled in, flurries and a wild-ass toothache.

The day bodes ill, but your dad was the awesomest!

Oh yeah: Sally had brought us the world's greatest cinammon roll maker. Good enough to shut down Cinnabon like a corporate hit.

Oh man.

And she lectured me on the sensitivity of aging women to comments about hair and comparisons to Joni Mitchell since nowadays Joni's *old* and your mum so, isn't.