Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Cake:
Requirements: purple outside, strawberry/pink inside

With the outside-of-school portion of Gracie's life being consumed by Rainbow Magic Fairies, we only thought it appropriate to have a Fairy Party. I will admit Grace threw me for a loop at the last minute when she insisted the actual cake be strawberry pink and not chocolate. Oh well, at least I wasn't tempted to eat the cake. Don't get me wrong, strawberry cake done well is very good, but strawberry cake that a newly 7-year old is dreaming of is not good - its just pink.

My friend Kara has had a long streak of cake decorating at our house. She and I debated throughout the month of January different styles, elaborate frills, various picks, etc. until we finally came up with The Plan. As Kara pointed out, we were seeking to please the 4-7 year old set and not the Mature Taste Bud set (ahem, me).

The cake was made in one 9-inch round and 6 cupcakes. Kara had the terrific idea to meet the purple requirement by doing the top, sides and back of the cake in the said color. Let me point out that making real buttercream purple (click here for amazing deliciousness) was a real trick! The front of the cake was piped on in a rainbow. Yes we realize the colors are not in the correct order. We also can't believe Grace didn't realize this herself, perhaps there was too much fairy excitement in the air. The cake was devoured and all the fairies left full and happy (and slightly sugar-buzzed, but not too bad).
Pink insides + Purple outsides = Very Happy Fairies
side note: if you really want to excite the fairies in your life, sprinkle a little bit of Pop Rocks into their very pink punch. Trust me, they will LOVE it!

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